Stikkordarkiv: 17th of May

Norwegian for a day

Dress up, take the red-blue-white flag and get drunk. Panorama followed those instructions and looked at the 17.mai celebrations through the eyes of a newcomer – but without the last point. By RAPHAELA OSSBERGER, BENJAMIN MOEYERSONS (photo), JAVID BAGHIROV (video) & FYNN HEISCH (video) First thing: learn how to greet people on that day.  A simple “Hei” is … Fortsett å lese Norwegian for a day

Bunads out, beer in

It was the time to air out bunads again and to celebrate the Norwegian constitutional day, the 17th of May. The population of Molde is not large and on a regular day it appears even smaller than it actually is. Nevertheless, when the 17th of May comes around the Moldes public surprisingly fills up the … Fortsett å lese Bunads out, beer in