Halloween party on Molde Campus. Photo: Eden Gao

Happy Halloween

Last Friday, HiMolde students enjoyed a dark and gritty night in the Halloween party.


iSmuget arranged this year’s Halloween party last Friday. Nearly 100 students went to the party and had scary fun. Zombies, vampires, devils, horrible skeletons and many other characters celebrated together.

The Norwegian Viking at the party. Photo: Eden Gao

In addition to these common costumes, there were also some noticeable students dressing up with traditional cultural elements. For example, one student was dressed as a viking, which is a typical character in ancient Norway. Some international students combined their own culture with the typical western ghost elements and demonstrated a creative character this night.

Pumpkin lamps decorations by iSmuget. Photo: Eden Gao

The Halloween party started at 9:00 p.m. but most students showed up around midnight when the atmosphere was at its climax. The party was filled with feelings of terror and mystery provided by the pumpkin lamps, moving skeleton dolls and spider web decorations.

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Meanwhile, the music played at the party lit up the atmosphere successfully. Many HiMolde students enjoyed dancing with the rhythmic music. “I really like the music, it makes me want to dance,” one of the students said at the party.

HiMolde students enjoyed dancing to the music. Photo: Eden Gao
HiMolde students enjoyed dancing to the music. Photo: Eden Gao