Several students witnessed the quarrel outside the campus student housing aorund 3 am Friday night. Photo: Andreas Hustad

Fighting in Smuget, and loud quarrel outside campus student houses

A police patrol visited campus Friday night, after a fist fight between two students at the Back 2 College party in Smuget around midnight. Three hours later, two men kept students awake with loud guarreling outside the students houses.


– We are not at all happy with students fighting at our parties, but I don’t think we could have handled the situation any different than we did, says Smuget manager Magnus Wang.

According to Wang, no one of the seven students with security responsibilities witnessed the fighting, but the two male students was quickly separated by other students attending the party.

– One of them wanted us to call the police, so I did that. Both of them expressed that they wanted to press criminal charges against the other, but I don’t know if they have done that, Wang says.

Both men, according to witnesses, had minor physical injuries, and one of them received medical assistance after the fight.

Wang, who has been a volunteer at Smuget for two years, says this is the first time he has experienced violence between students at the student night club on campus.

– But I do think that we need two or three professional security guards on campus when the events are attended by as many as 250-300 students. It’s easier for professionals to handle problems when they arise than it is for student security guards to handle problems with fellow students, Wang says.

Dina Midsund w/band on stage in Smuget. Photo: Andreas Hustad

The night started with local performer Dina Misund and her band on stage. This event was separately organized, but the students were nonetheless invited to enjoy some quality live music. It was definitely a memorable experience, worthy to attend. The classic pop music set-up (singer, vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards) provides an opportunity for great variety within the music played, and the band fortunately took advantage of it.

There were so many kinds of songs (both in Norwegian and English), that it reached out for the various tastes an audience can have.  Dina Misund has an enjoyable and well-formed voice, and the musicians accompanied her flawlessly.

Students at the kick-off party, Smuget. Photo: Andreas Hustad

After the rearrangement of the place, Smuget was ready to host the party-seekers. As usual, it started slowly, but with time, more students came, at the end probably reaching the place’s peak capacity with around 300 people. Apparently, demand has peaked during the winter holidays.

Familiar faces joyfully met after weeks of absence. The local DJ Soonix, Henrik Sætervik Solvåg, provided quality party music and sound, so everyone could focus on enjoying themselves.

DJ Soonix were playing in Smuget for approx. 300 students. Photo: Andreas Hustad
Friends at Smuget. Photo: Andreas Hustad