Students enjoying a good evening during the 2019 Christmas banquet at Molde campus. Photo: Elmis Sierra

Suit up! The 2019 Christmas Student Banquet

As part of the tradition, students from Høgskolen i Molde gathered laughs and booze while dressed all up in elegant outfits.

By ELMIS SIERRA (text & photo)

The Christmas Banquet started at 19 hours last Friday, and while the attendance were taking their places at the tables, the canteen staff worked at full pace to serve the delicious tipical christmas meal constitued of pinekjøtt (lamb roasted ribs), svineribbe (pork ribs), julepølse (christmas sausage), potet (boiled potato) , rødkål (sweet red cabbage) and kålrabistappe (mashed rutabaga). A vegetarian option was also available on the menu, where the tasty innbakt nøttestek (baked nut steak) was aclaimed by those who picked it.

Students Elicé Gandrubakken (left) and Camilla Bahus. Photo: Elmis Sierra

Sabrina Habas, a logistic exchange student, celebrated this variety on the menu while enjoying every bite: I didn’t expected to be this good! Is just awesome! Susy Gopar, master’s student in logistics and member of the ESN board, also recognized the work of the canteen staff and the quality of the menu: They (the canteen) did a really good job, I was thinking on getting pinekjøtt, but I went full on the vegetarian dish and it was definitely a good call!

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Once the dinner was over, the music started to call the students downstairs, and while some were excited to take the traditional photos with the red background and the christmas tree, others were killing it on the dance floor until the party was over.

The christmas banquet is, after the National Day, one of the most elegant events in Norway. Photo: Elmis Sierra