PhD candidates Olena Klymenko (from left), Agaraoli Aravazhi, Homayoun Shaabani, Hege Hol and Tiril Tøien, with Molde University College CEO Øyvind Sørensen (right) at Friday's graduation ceremony. Photo: Arild Waagbø

Photos of the PhD and MSc graduation ceremony

Friday, PhD and MSc candidates from Molde University College were celebrated at a graduation ceremony held in Haavelmo auditorium.

Rector Elin Mordal led the procession. HiMolde-CEO Øyvind Sørensen is seen next to her. Photo: Arild Waagbø

The ceremony was led by HiMolde-CEO Øyvind Sørensen, and rector Elin Mordal was the first main speaker to congratulate the candidates that were present at the graduation ceremony.

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Both PhD candidate Homayoun Shaabani and MSc candidate Juliane Gneist spoke on behalf of their fellow candidates, and poet Endre Ruset was guest speaker of the day.

Rector Elin Mordal (from left), PhD candidate Tiril Tøien and professor Anne Marie Mork Rokstad posed for HiMolde’s Aksel Sandvik. Photo: Arild Waagbø
Happy MSc candidates at Friday’s ceremony. Photo: Arild Waagbø
MSc candidate in «avansert klinisk sykepleie, Juliane Gneist, speaking at the graduation ceremony. Photo: Arild Waagbø
Guest speaker of the day, poet Endre Ruset, in action. Photo: Arild Waagbø
Gunnar Bech (trombone) and Aksel Sandvik (saxophone) playing in Haavelmo auditorium. Rolf Magnus Orø (piano) and Maria Nakken Talsethagen (singer) also performed during Friday’s ceremony. Photo: Arild Waagbø
Candidates together with HiMolde employees after the ceremony. Photo: Arild Waagbø
Selfie time. Photo: Arild Waagbø