Halloween at Valhall on Molde Campus. All photos: Thomas Skauvik

The Halloween photos

The creepiest night of the year saw many students exploring an alternative lifestyle with the most ridiculous outfits as they celebrated Halloween at Valhall and Kompagniet over the weekend.


(Student nightlife in Molde – Part 3): Spine chilling skeletons, devil impersonators, movie characters, zombies, health practitioners and law enforcers among many other characters dominated this year’s celebrations.

“This is the last party to be hosted at Valhall before relocating to another building within campus,” noted Lasse Lærum, and it was certainly a party not worth missing.

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Majority of the students stated that they chose their costumes primarily because they were cheap, but also due to the character’s personalities.

“I had been waiting for this costume for the past two years. My friend bought it from America and I had to travel to Belgium where we met and I picked it up,” said Marie Svane, who was visibly excited.