Bojan Zagarec, Croatia. Photo: Pavla Ujmiakova

Dear Santa, I wish to have a Norwegian Christmas this year

This is a wish shared by students Mariami Suarishvili from Georgia and Bojan Žegarac from Croatia. Will anyone invite them to their home for Christmas Eve?


Both are second year masters students in logistics at Molde University College. Usually, students will travel back home over the winter break. However, Mariami and Bojan have decided to enjoy Christmas in Norway this year because they would like to experience the Norwegian Christmas one more time before leaving the school this summer.

Bojan enjoys the Molde environment, cycling, cooking, and learning new languages.

Bojan explained his sentiments:

«The way of celebrating Christmas in Norway and Croatia is fairly similar, followed by a lot of food, good atmosphere and joy. The only differences are local customs. I know some Norwegian customs during Christmas and my favorite dish is pinnekjøtt with kålrotstappe. Also, last year I bought 40 boxes of pepperkaker in order to have some when Christmas is finished : ) Personally, I would like to join a Norwegian family on Christmas eve, since this is an experience I have never tried before!”

Mariami Suarishvili from Georgia. Photo: Private
Mariami Suarishvili from Georgia. Photo: Private

Mariam expressed her excitement for this wish to come true as well:

“I would love to experience both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with a Norwegian family!”

Mariami enjoys tennis and outdoor sports, reading, music, and photography.

Anyone can be a Santa if they have kind hearts. Sharing the Norwegian Christmas  experience is a wonderful way to bring joy to local families as well as students from various countries.

If you are inspired by Mariam and Bojan’s wishes and wish to invite them or connect them to another local family, please use the contact information below!

Merry Christmas to all!