A view of a summer ski resort, spesifically Galdhøpiggen sommerskisenter. Photo: Benjamin Moeyersons

Don’t want to miss out on the snow this summer?

What to do when you don’t want to miss out on skiing this summer, but don’t have the time or resources to go to the Southern Hemisphere? Here’s some domestic alternatives!


With the winter now completely being over and spring slowly but surely turning into summer, the weather is starting to change more and more as well. From colder days to four-seasons-at-the-same-day days, from darker days to brighter nights, and from meters of snow to playing hide and seek with spots to find.

However, beautiful and varying as Norway is, there is always places where you can find snow no matter what time of the year. Therefore below we’ll give you a few tips for places you can go to throughout the summer to still be able to stand on your skis/snowboard without having to travel to the Southern Hemisphere or another country for that matter.

GALDHØPIGGEN: Summer ski to the test!

TROLLSTIGEN: Time to let the Trolls out!

Below you can find three of the best options for summer skiing in Norway throughout the summer.

Folgefonna skisenter (Fonna Glacier Ski Resort)

  • Located a little more south than Bergen in Folgefonna nasjonalpark, it takes you about a nine hour drive to get to the ski center from Molde.
  • Open from 13.05.17 until somewhere in October. Changes in opening will be announced on their social media platforms
  • Even though there only is one T-bar taking you all the way up to the top, Folgegonna has four slopes and three sections of park providing opportunities for both downhill skiing/snowboarding, park shredding, cross-country skiing, and off-piste skiing/snowboarding
  • More info: http://www.folgefonn.no/

Stryn sommerski

  • Located 45 kilometers east from the city center of Stryn on the Tystigbreen glacier, the drive will take you about four hours including the Vestnes ferry to get to Strynefjellet.
  • Open from 01.06.17-09.07-17
  • One of the fewer ski resorts in Norway that actually has a chairlift taking you all the way to the top, Stryn offers various opportunities for off-piste skiing/snowboarding together with a park alongside the slopes coming down the mountain.
  • More info: http://strynsommerski.com/
  • https://www.facebook.com/strynsommerski/videos/1470940989584538/

Galdhøpiggen sommerskisenter

  • Located in the Jotunheimen nasjonalpark it is close to the touristic village of Lom, about a five hour drive from Molde.
  • Open from 20.05.17-05.11.17 (park from 20.05.17-16.07.17)
  • Similar to Folgefonna, Galdhøpiggen has one T-bar of 1400m with 1 slope on either side of the lift to come back down the mountain. Alongside one of the slopes the park is located with several kickers and rails.
  • More info: http://www.gpss.no/

All of the above mentioned ski resorts are on top of glaciers, meaning that they rely on the snowfall of the previous winter. Therefore it is always handy to check out the weather and snow conditions before you go, as is always the case!

So if you’re in for some 20 hour day light, shorts and t-shirt kind of skiing days, this saying might definitively fit: «Vinter er best på sommeren».