Limbo-fever has risen during the Hawaii party at Smuget. Photo: Ádám Franczia

Hawaii party at Smuget

HiMolde students could enjoy their extended summer last Friday at Smuget, as a Hawaii-themed party took place there. Colourful shirts, skirts, cocktails, and people could be seen all over the place as the festivities went along.

By ÁDÁM FRANCZIA (text & photo)

As September concluded, probably not many of us would expect to have a pleasantly warm and quite sunny weather in Molde. Nevertheless, that could be said about last week, as if even the circumstances would have wanted to fit for a Hawaii party. It was a perfect time to let loose and enjoy wearing comfortable and cool Hawaii clothes, drinking cocktails served in pineapple shells, or trying your luck on the dance floor by dancing to the wild rhythms served by the recurring DJ Soonix. Besides the usual Smuget-party activities, such as beer- or ping-pong, the attendants could also practice their hula-hoop and limbo skills, quite a few showing signs of great talent at it.

All things considered, the roughly eighty people who dived into the Hawaiian atmosphere didn’t regret it, and the extra bar that were installed guaranteed the smooth flow of the event (and drinks).

Meeting the dresscode and having fun. Photo: Ádám Franczia
In action at a friendly beerpong match. Photo: Ádám Franczia
Knut Hofgaard Eikre showing off his skills with the hula hoop circle. Photo: Ádám Franczia
Having fun in Hawaii uniform. Photo: Ádám Franczia