Health and Social Science department hosted recruitment day at HiMolde. Photo: Aneta Grabmüllerova

Nursing and social educator students met potential employers

Yesterday, HiMolde’s Health and Social Science department hosted a recruitment day at the university, and invited representatives from municipalities, health enterprises and nursing and social educator students.

Municipalities and several health enterprises had a chance to present them self and their work to current students. The program also included a lecture about practise expectations and welfare technology held by Siri Haukås, representing Molde municipality.

«The purpose of the recruitment day is to get students in touch with their potential future employers. We invited representatives from municipalities and health organisations to propose to the current students work possibilities at their institutions,» explained Anne Botslangen of HiMolde.

«I think, it is very good idea to have such a day. I was student here myself and I would really appreciated it back then,» said Ylva Westad, previous nursing student at HiMolde and added: «Today I am presenting Molde hospital, where I am currently working. I believe, we can show better to future nurses what is expected from them and what are the opportunities for them at our hospital. I hope HiMolde will keep organising such events, it is very helpful for both sides.»

Representatives of several municipalities presented their work at HiMolde. Photo: Aneta Grabmüllerova

The representatives could present their work and at the same time look for new potential employees.

«We are presenting different projects we currently have in Kristiansund in Storhaugen Helsehus. Storhaugen health house is a municipal competence center for fervent and emergency healthcare. We are looking for nurses, so this event is great opportunity and we already found students who are interested,» said Kristiansund’s representative Elisabeth Sandstad.

HiMolde students had a chance to get familiar with working opportunities in the region. Photo: Aneta Grabmüllerova