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It is okay not to be okay

On the occasion of the International Day of mental health, MSH (Moldestudentenes Helseutvalg) organized an event “Generosity is Gold.” Yesterday, psychologist Marie Midtsund talked to students about the importance of mental health. By ANETA GRABMÜLLEROVA “Everyone has a mental health, bad or good,” psychologist Marie Midstund said. The question is: How do we keep the … Fortsett å lese It is okay not to be okay

Aursjøvegen – the forgotten road

Møre og Romsdal is a region well known for several scenic roads: Trollstigen, the Atlantic road or the famous serpentines of Ørnesvingen road going down to Geiranger. However, only few have heard about Aursjøvegen. If you are up for a adventurous road trip, Aursjøvegen is a must. By ANETA GRABMÜLLEROVA Aursjøvegen is more than 100-kilometers … Fortsett å lese Aursjøvegen – the forgotten road

BBQ and Spring Party: study break needed!

Friday was a great opportunity to take a break from exams, enjoy the sun, drink some beer(s) and dance to the beats by DJ Daniel Schempp! iFri, MSH and ESN catered for a social end of the semester. By ANETA GRABMULLEROVA, RAPHAELA OSSBERGER and BENJAMIN MOEYERSONS (photo) Brilliant sunshine and almost 20°C outside temperature – … Fortsett å lese BBQ and Spring Party: study break needed!

Ripping it at Stad with iFri

STAD (Panorama): The last weekend in April, iFri organizeded a trip to the surf camp at Hoddevik beach on Stadlandet in Selje. How did HiMolde students survive surfing in ice-cold water? By ANETA GRABMÜLLEROVA and BENJAMIN MOEYERSONS (photo) Even though there is still plenty of snow covering the mountains all around, 18 of us, brave … Fortsett å lese Ripping it at Stad with iFri

Who is the strongest student at HiMolde?

Moldestudentenes Idrettslag (MSI) challenges all the students of HiMolde to beat them in a lifting competition. Who is going to be on the Wall of Fame at the end of the semester? MSI has announced a competition in which they challenge all the students of HiMolde to lift more weights in three different exercises than … Fortsett å lese Who is the strongest student at HiMolde?

Choose your representatives!

From today and until 19th of April, HiMolde students will have a chance to elect their representatives in the Student parliament (Studenttinget). Later this month, on the 30th of April, there is going to be an election of student repressentaives to the university board (høgskolestyret). The Student parliament at HiMolde is a politically independent organization … Fortsett å lese Choose your representatives!

Kilian Jornet: «I like to do stupid things»

Last Thursday, Molde7topper introduced their annual running race in Molde at a kick-off event in Bjørnsonhuset, and ski alpinist and  mountain runner Kilian Jornet talked about his home in Romsdal, his passion for mountains and the distance between life and death. Molde7topper is a 19km long running race, which takes its participants over seven peaks … Fortsett å lese Kilian Jornet: «I like to do stupid things»

That’s how they do it in Germany

MAINZ/BERLIN (Panorama): In cooperation with Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, nine students of HiMolde’s Sport Management master’s program spent eight days in Germany in order to gain more knowledge about events organization. On Wednesday 14th of March, nine HiMolde master’s degree students accompanied by Kjell Marius Herskedal headed off to Germany to join students of … Fortsett å lese That’s how they do it in Germany

The Norwegian dream

GJEMNES (Panorama): Last weekend, ESN in corporation with iFri organized a cabin trip to Silsethytta. For many of the international students, it was a unique Norwegian experience. There is a lot of generalization and stereotypes when it comes to Norway. However, more than anywhere else, they seem to be very true. It is said, that … Fortsett å lese The Norwegian dream

Her er det nye styret i iStudent

Onsdag 21. februar ble det valgt nytt styret i iStudent, en frivillig organisasjon av studenter for studenter. Janne Iren Bekken er ny iStudent-leder. Årsmøtet i iStudent gikk av stabelen på høgskolen. For det første takket Vegard Øye for sine to år som leder av iStudent. Deretter ble den økonomiske situasjonen evaluert, og nye kandidater for … Fortsett å lese Her er det nye styret i iStudent