A group of HiMolde students spent a weekend at Silsethytta. Photo: Aneta Grabmüllerova

The Norwegian dream

GJEMNES (Panorama): Last weekend, ESN in corporation with iFri organized a cabin trip to Silsethytta. For many of the international students, it was a unique Norwegian experience.

There is a lot of generalization and stereotypes when it comes to Norway. However, more than anywhere else, they seem to be very true. It is said, that an idea of perfectly spent weekend of every Norwegian, is to be lost in Norwegian in the middle of nowhere, far away from civilization, with no electricity and no running water.

Norwegians call it ‘hyttetur ’ (cabin trip). The winter version of such a trip includes lots of snow, cold and skiing. To get the real Norwegian experience, a group of international students and a couple of Norwegian ones went adventured to Silsethytta in Gjemnes municipality close to Molde.

Nearly 30 students participated in the cabin trip. Photo: Aneta Grabmüllerova

Since there is no such thing as bad weather, but only bad clothing in Norway (the Norwegian saying goes like this: ‘Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær’), the Friday’s snow storm didn’t stop the group of brave students from hiking all the way up to Silsethytta.

As a reward for several kilometers of hiking in the fresh powder snow, there was a freezing cold cabin waiting to be heated up by fire. According to unwritten Norwegian social law, this is supposed to be charming. After setting up the fire and cooking a dinner for all 27 participants, students played some socializing games to break the ice. A few sips of Aquavit and Seidel made that even easier.

Cabin’s idyll: chill evening in front of front of fireplace. French students Laureine Juramy and Clotilde Druel on the picture. Photo: Aneata Grabmüllerova

The upcoming two days offered perfect sunny weather, kilometers of freshly prepared skiing tracks, heaps of powder snow and even a promise of a spring in the warm air.

The surroundings of Silsethytta is perfect for winter hikes, typical Norwegian sports, xc skiing, or just chilling on the porch of the cabin and enjoying the sun. The isolation and lack of Internet helped some of the students find their inner child and enjoy bob sledging, snow fighting or building up a snowman.

Surrounding of Silsethytta is perfect for winter hikes or bob-sledging. Photo: Aneta Grabmüllerova

“The surrounding of the cabin was amazing, the landscape, the frozen lake … The cabin itself is really cozy, and the ambiance with nearly 30 students was festive. I really enjoyed the typical Norwegian activities and I tried cross-country skiing for the first time. I even made a nice hike around the lake!” said French student Laureine Juramy, who experienced her very first Norwegian cabin trip.

“This cabin trip gave me motivation to try another one … Maybe even without electricity!” dared Laureine.

For many of the international students it was a first time they tried to cross country ski. Photo: Aneta Grabmüllerova

With the  flawless weather, amazing location and cozy cabin, it was easy to  understand why so many Norwegians regards weekends spent at cabins as a dream.