HiMolde-studentens having a November bath in the rain at the beach close to Molde campus. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur

No pain, no pizza!

Friday, iStudent put together a great event for the students:
A cold bath at campus beach Kringstadbukta followed by lots and lots of pizza at Mellomrommet.


You do not get to eat the pizza unless you swim! The event also had a lot of rainfall to make it more interesting. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the students to participate even in the rain and cold weather.

Pizza for the ice swimmers at Mellomrommet. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur

At commom room Mellomrommet at Campus student housing, students got to play some cards, chess and performed some dances too.

Students hanging out and having fun at Mellomromet. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur
«We just wanted to organize a social event. It was a cold bath . We just wanted to be social and have pizza. – Matt van Teefelen, Norway. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur