Leader of SiMolde student housing, Marit Mahle (center), at the opening of Kvamstua. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur

The name of the new common room for students is Kvamstua

Last Thursday, staff members from SiMolde and students from the university celebrated the opening of a new room common at Kvam student houses. 


SiMolde-employees Oddbjørg Rovik, Marit Mahle and other staff members have worked very hard to create this beautiful space for students to hang out. The event saw a good number of students trooping in to witness the opening of the common room.

From the opening of Kvamstua. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur
Kvamstua at Kvam student housing close to Molde campus. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur

On the menu was some buns and grandma’s soda. Everyone in the room enjoyed the food. There was a naming competition where everyone suggested names for the common room, and this week the name Kvamstua was selected after an Instagram vote.

Student Jannatul Ferdous with her daughter and Helene Gjerde (right) of SiMolde. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur

The room is located in the A-building close to the laundry. The space also has a balcony where students can have a view of the flowing waters of Mek river – Mekelva.

Students at the opening of Kvamstua. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur

Oddbjørg Rovik shared with us how far they have come with this beautiful gesture.

«It was the wish of the students here at Kvam to have their own common room to hangout. Most of the students had to go to Mellomromert at the campus student housing to participate in social activities. Before, the room was a storage room and less inspiring. We took two months to put together this space. My self and other staff members helped with the painting and other tasks. We did a few changes to the electricals and arrangement of the place as well. Most of the things you see here are old stuff from the housing unit. The tables have been repainted to give it a new look and some of the chairs are also from the housing unit. We are looking forward to adding some few more things to bring more life to this space. We want to have a little space for old books, a place to keep old items from students moving out and a television. We have already made available some board games like Monopoly and chess. The room will only be open from Mondays to Fridays,» Rovik said.

«I’m surprised about the work they have done here. I did not know they were working on this room anytime I saw their car on the premises. It is amazing what they have done here. You can have great parties here.» – Thomas (center) from Germany. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur
«Really cozy. I like that it can be open the whole week and play some games. Kvam really needed this place so I think it’s a very nice place.» – Maksim from Belarus. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur
«It has improved the home environment. Before it was a bit strange and kind of lonely. This is a good idea and has made the environment better.» – Mira KC, here with friends having a view from the balcony of Kvamstua. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur
«It’s practical to have some place where you can meet with other guys. I like games and board games. I think the guys who made the changes here did a very good job. If I remember well the room was not so nice, so big ups to them.» – Jacob from the Chezh Republic. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur
«It’s very good, because before we have to go to Mellomrommet. It will be great to play here together. I feel like we have time to get together.» – Anne from France. Photo: Kelvin Prince Arthur