Stikkordarkiv: Moldehallen

«Seasons come and go, but I am always here»

Victor Rubinat (28), a big sunny boy from Barcelona, continues his student life in Molde even after graduating four years ago. By AMBER HUANG (text and photo) Victor Rubinat was previously an Erasmus exchange student at HiMolde for one semester, then he returned for a master’s study. He now works in Molde as a data analyst for road construction. … Fortsett å lese «Seasons come and go, but I am always here»

Go bowling with ESN Molde

Last Friday, Molde students enjoyed a fantastic bowling night in Moldehallen with ESN. By CASSIE YANG and EDEN GAO (photo) Recently, it has rained a lot here in Molde. Sports like football, hiking or running seem to not be enjoyable in such rainy days, but bowling is a good alternative to relieve pressure in study and … Fortsett å lese Go bowling with ESN Molde