Stikkordarkiv: Toga party

Partying like the ancient Greeks

Saturday, around 300 students joined the traditional toga party at Smuget student bar. By ELMIS SIERRA (text & photo) The toga party has become a traditional celebration within the students of Molde University College, whom year after year put a certain amount of effort on designing their own toga costume, after several attempts of YouTube … Fortsett å lese Partying like the ancient Greeks

Toga party takeover at Smuget

Last Friday, HiMolde students could show off their costume making/sheet folding capabilities by attending the latest themed party night at the student bar Smuget according to the toga dress code. By ADAM FRANCZIA and NANCY LE (photo) The formal wear once common among the free citizens of ancient Rome, a huge piece of white canvas called ‘toga’ is rather … Fortsett å lese Toga party takeover at Smuget