Tanzanian students Neema Kaya and Theobaldina Wendy Francis will celebrate the holiday seasons in Molde. Archive photo: Pavla Ujmiakova

Holiday fever

It is that time and season of the year when the festive mood is undeniably present. Christmas and New Year’s have significant meanings to various people, others celebrating it in unique ways.  We asked a few MUC students how they will celebrate the holiday season.

By MONICA AKECH SYSTAD (text & photo)

Neema Kaya (25) & Theobaldina Wendy Francis (25), Tanzania, MSc. Logistics: “In Tanzania, relatives, friends and family normally travel from various places across the country and abroad to meet at a particular home. We celebrate Christmas by attending church services then enjoy a sumptuous meal.  On New Year’s Eve, we normally head to church until midnight then celebrate once again on New Year’s Day by eating, relaxing, and enjoying each other’s presence. This holiday we shall be in Molde and will celebrate with the other students.”

Knut Hofgaard Eikre will spend the holidays in Halden. Photo: Monica Akech Systad

Knut Hofgaard Eikre (20), Norway, Bachelor in Law & Administration: “I will celebrate Christmas in my home town Halden, Østfold and New Years as well.  Most of my time will probably be spent with my family and distant relatives until New Year’s Eve. We will eat, celebrate and go through family-traditions that we do every single year. Then catch up and party with friends until I leave for the next semester.”

Phillis Huang (25), China, MSc. Logistics: “In China we celebrate New Year’s, but it is different from the rest of the world since we have our own special calendar.  Christmas is not really present given that my country is mainly Buddhists although the Christians celebrate it. I will be in Molde for the holidays and I consider cooking with other international students, it will be fun I suppose.”

Sirajul Mohamed, Bangladesh. MSc. Event Management:  “My country is predominantly Muslim. Christmas Day is therefore celebrated by Christians, however they normally invite us for meals and parties. On the other hand, New Year’s day embraces everyone as the whole nation celebrates it. A common observation is that the city is normally filled up to capacity more than the usual number as people travel to visit family and friends. I will travel back home for New Year’s and spend time with my family.”