Students partying at the carnival event at Kompagniet night club in Molde Friday night. Photo: Pavla Ujmiakova

Carnival success on a cold Friday night

Soca, techno and dancehall music fuelled by DJ Zsalt Veset’s hands of steel provided soundtracks for the carnival event held in Molde at Kompagniet night club on Friday evening.


Event promoter Peter Kamlan, together with a couple of friends, organized the event which was well attended by students and fun loving locals.

“I have organized numerous events across Europe. When I came to intern for a company in Molde, I thought it wise to stage the carnival and liven this city,” said Kamlan.

Making a fashion statement at the carnival was tricky as plummeting temperatures went to merciless digits, leading to unflattering layers and big coats on the streets. But somehow a few brave souls managed to break out and display interesting costumes when they got indoors.

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“This is my first carnival event in Molde and I think it is a great idea. I am enjoying myself and loving the atmosphere,“ first year nursing student Helene Aamyri said.

Brazililans, both students and locals living in Molde, gave the carnival a sizzle, gracing the night with flamboyant outfits and jubilantly dancing to Soca beats.

“This carnival was a great idea although it cannot be compared to the event in our country, but we are making the most of it tonight,” said Dalexsandra S. Souza, a Brazilian resident living in Molde.

Out into the night some tipsy revellers stumbled, along with groups of friends trekking back home. drawing a close to the interesting night session.