Stikkordarkiv: Kompagniet

Må HiMolde gi etter for et studenthus?

Nedleggelsen av Kompagniet representerer ikke bare enden på et studentkulturelt ikon, men også det som har vært en av moldestudentenes sterkeste støttespillere i Molde by. Av KNUT HOFGAARD EIKRE, MARKUS LILLEHEIL og ODA HESTMARK, studenter Kompagniet er et utested som for moldestudentene kan virke som har stått der i all tid, men torsdag meldte … Fortsett å lese Må HiMolde gi etter for et studenthus?

Beach party is first consolation after festival cancellation

A beach party at Kringstadbukta – starting 2 pm today – is the first event replacing the cancelled Skyhøyt festival on the Opening Week program for new students. Furthermore, Danish star DJ/producer Rasmus Hedegaard, is catching a flight to Molde to perform for students at Kompagniet tonight! Yesterday, the Skyhøyt festival was cancelled. The organizers didn’t … Fortsett å lese Beach party is first consolation after festival cancellation

First night at Kompagniet for international students

After having arrived in Norway during last weekend, the international students had a meet and greet at Kompagniet Tuesday evening. Last night, Åpningsuka had a meet and greet for the international students at Kompagniet. When Panorama were with them, about 30 students had arrived. They were expecting about 100 foreign and Norwegian students at Kompagniet … Fortsett å lese First night at Kompagniet for international students

Sjefen sjøl spår at Åpningsuka blir kjempemessig

Årets ukesjef, logistikkstudent Andreas Selseth (24), legger mest vekt på at studentene skal bli kjent med hverandre i Åpningsuka. – Jeg tror Åpningsuka 2017 blir kjempemessig. Studentene blir kjent med hverandre, og knytter vennskap som fortsetter etter at Åpningsuka er over. Det gjorde iallfall jeg som ny student i fjor, og i år ligger alle … Fortsett å lese Sjefen sjøl spår at Åpningsuka blir kjempemessig

Halloween at Kompagniet

Last Saturday, on the 29th of October, HiMolde students gathered around to celebrate Halloween together by the joint organization of Smuget and Kompagniet. By ÁDÁM FRANCZIA & ANDREAS HUSTAD (photo) Halloween or All Hallows or Saints Eve is the start of a three day long holiday dedicated to remember the souls of the passed away saints … Fortsett å lese Halloween at Kompagniet

Neon on the floor

After some move-in chaos, hundreds of HiMolde freshmen in neon shirts stepped into weeklong events started by the kick-off party at Kompagniet Thursday night. By NANCY LE (text &photo) New students showed up their excitement from the beginning moment on the bus and exploded when they are on the floor. Armed with neon shirts and … Fortsett å lese Neon on the floor

International party a great success

After seeing the turn up at Tuesday’s party for HiMolde’s international students, Marthe Owesen, head of the Åpningsuka commitee, calls party a great success. It’s Tuesday night and the centre of Molde is quiet. While strolling across the bus station, the only other people are those transferring between buses, determinately headed somewhere. Getting closer to Kompagniet, … Fortsett å lese International party a great success

Two in one: Rød Bare Blå

The amount of places to go out is limited in this town, which does not necessarily say anything about their quality. Let’s have a look at Rød Bare Blå on the main street in Molde. You can find yourself in Rød Bare Blå on a Tuesday afternoon sipping on coffee or enjoying something from a decent food menu. … Fortsett å lese Two in one: Rød Bare Blå

Place to party needed

Besides stress from exams, boredom in classes and never ending financial struggles, partying has always been an inseparable part of student life. Needless to say, in Norway this segment is a little bit more problematic than in other countries. You have a right to party. Or at least that is what the Beastie Boys fought … Fortsett å lese Place to party needed