Nitherson Marvin with the poster for the iSmuget opening party. Photo: Pavla Ujmiakova

Grand opening of iSmuget this weekend

Valhall is dead, long live iSmuget!


In the article from 30.1. in Panorama it was promised that the new venue of student night club is gosing to be opened in the end of February, but ever since no student has been reported to come home drunk after one of the notorious pub Fridays at Valhall on Molde Campus.

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The reasons are two. One of them is the fact that a place called Valhall does not exist in Molde any more. iSmuget, on the other hand, is the new place where people could release all that harmfull stress which comes with modern student life.

“iSmuget fits more the style of iStudent, the organization which governs it.  And since smuget is a Norwegian name for an alley and the new bar sort of has the same structure as a little alley, we thought it would be a fitting name,” said student Linda Ekern Olsen.

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The second reason is that iSmuget saves the «best for at last» and wants to incorporate the celebration of  it’s opening into much bigger event- The House Party – and therefore make the result more remarkable.

The house party takes place on Saturday  21th of March and it is organized by all  student organizations  together.

“The whole meaning behind House Party is to accentuate all the committees so that all the students are aware of what the committees offers,” said student Nitherson Marvin, who is responsible for the event.

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Six different student organization are going to have a stand with a bar and the whole cafeteria and hallway in the first floor are going to turn into one big party venue to host this exclusive student event.

Gina Husøy. Photo: Pavla Ujmiakova

iStudent organisazation (Studentersamfunnet i Molde), which is behind this event, is not going to have a stand.

» We are trying to shine the spotlight on other organisations,» said Gina Husøy, who is marketing responsible in iStudent.

So far a little over 100 hundred tickets has been sold, but the event organizers expect much more to be sold by 16:00 on Saturday,  when the possibility of buying tickets ends.