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Covering the gap between Wednesday and Friday

Another establishment placed on the Molde’s seaside is the Dock Side which is not just what it seems like at first sight. This venue offers a brown pub atmosphere with a selection of beers, both on tap and bottled, and other regular drinks one would expect in a place like that. This pub is mostly enjoyed … Fortsett å lese Covering the gap between Wednesday and Friday

One last lesson- a lesson of life

The strongly anticipated moment has come.  Graduation ceremony and the last school lesson for many. This time a lesson of life. It is a long road. For most of the people, it takes close to two decades. For me, it is exactly 18 years from my first day of elementary school. I remember that the … Fortsett å lese One last lesson- a lesson of life

Bunads out, beer in

It was the time to air out bunads again and to celebrate the Norwegian constitutional day, the 17th of May. The population of Molde is not large and on a regular day it appears even smaller than it actually is. Nevertheless, when the 17th of May comes around the Moldes public surprisingly fills up the … Fortsett å lese Bunads out, beer in

Fancy pub atmosphere? Visit Brygga

A maritime friendly pub atmosphere could be experienced in the Brygga establishsment previously known as Tangenten.  The trio of the largest night-out locations in Molde would not be complete without the Brygga. This nautically styled pub can be found right next to its direct competitor, Kompagniet. Nevertheless, there is not a large clash between these … Fortsett å lese Fancy pub atmosphere? Visit Brygga

Rotterdam – the hatchery of logistics jobs

ROTTERDAM (Panorama): «It is always nice to have a fresh international attitude in the company,» commented Kees Groeneveld, an executive of the NCL branch stationed in Rotterdam, on possible employment of Norwegians in the company. But how to get there? When it comes to logistics, Rotterdam could be considered the capital of Europe. The behemoth of … Fortsett å lese Rotterdam – the hatchery of logistics jobs

Logistikkforum’s first trip abroad – to Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM (Panorama): «Rotterdam is the biggest logistics hub in Europe, and most merchandise you can buy on this continent passes through there,» said Harald Martin Hjelle, the HiMolde associate professor of logistics. That is one of the reasons why on March the 13. the Logistikkforum, with 29 Norwegian and international students, set off on a … Fortsett å lese Logistikkforum’s first trip abroad – to Rotterdam

Beer lovers’ first frontier

Most Norwegians would not bother trying to tell the difference between Ringnes or Hansa or any other mass-produced beer, as long as there is alcohol in it. It is nice to see that Tapp og kork tries to change that. The process of making beer is an esteemed art, distinguished and comparable to wine-making. One could enjoy beer types … Fortsett å lese Beer lovers’ first frontier

Come early, it is hard to get a table

Going out is not always about getting crazy and wild (not for everyone at least). Syd is here for people with more distinguished tastes and needs. Molde’s seaside and harbor offers the most famous local view. The address of the place, Fjordgata 3 (Fjord street 3), is self-explanatory. But that is only one of the … Fortsett å lese Come early, it is hard to get a table

Two in one: Rød Bare Blå

The amount of places to go out is limited in this town, which does not necessarily say anything about their quality. Let’s have a look at Rød Bare Blå on the main street in Molde. You can find yourself in Rød Bare Blå on a Tuesday afternoon sipping on coffee or enjoying something from a decent food menu. … Fortsett å lese Two in one: Rød Bare Blå