Panoramar reporter Ádám (left) got himself a dance with dance instructor Kognyuy Virgile. Photo: Andreas Hustad

Hot salsa moves served in campus canteen

Every Thursday, at 18:30, dance enthusiast students gather around at the university’s canteen to start their weekly exercise to the rhythm of some Latin music. Within the framework of ESN Molde, those who want to get familiar with (Cuban) salsa, now can do so thanks to course leader Kongnyuy Virgile.


By its official name, the “ESN Molde Salsa Dance Club” is a recent initiative by ESN Molde. People, who are interested in Latin dances can join from and outside of the university, regardless of their level: those who are beginners can learn from scratch, and those who already have some experience or at a high level can refresh their knowledge or practice their skills.

Each session takes place by the following pattern: First some new moves are being taught (or already shown ones repeated) by the instructors, and then followed by the students. When any problem occurs (which is normal on this level), it can be fixed by individual help and instructions by the teachers. After the steps were practiced both with and without music, the participants are paired up and can further enhance their skills in actual “social dancing”. It is a challenge for both the leaders (gentlemen) and the leaded (ladies), but of course “tutoring” is available in this case as well.

People of all ages are dancing together. Photo: Andreas Hustad

The dance course usually lasts for 1,5-2 hours, and besides salsa, bachata is also on the menu, in which even more hip moves are needed, from both parties. So far, usually around 20 people show up, but according to the main organizer and instructor of the course, HiMolde student from Cameroon, Kongnyuy Virgile, more people are more than welcome to join.

He has more than 3 years of experience with several kinds of dances. Together with Anna Tsvetnova from Russia, he is responsible for running the course, but members from the “Salsa and Tango Dance Club Molde” also tend to attend and help out, in fact, this week one of their instructors will start showing the way in “Rueda Casino” (A fun circular way of dancing salsa with continuously changing partners).

According to Virgile, if there will be enough people and motivation, plus satisfying pace of progress, the new founded dance club members can show off their recently developed dancing skills at the opening ceremony of the “Erasmus Games” which takes place at the end of April.  Fingers crossed!

So dear reader, if you feel like joining for this activity, which is both entertaining and refreshing (with the sometimes confusing moves included), don’t hesitate to stop by at the canteen this Thursday, from half past 6 in the evening and try it yourself!

Interview with Kongnyuy Virgile: