Scouts from Molde have a long history which is shown in Molde Rådhuset.

Speidermessa takes place in Molde for 53rd time

‘Speidermessa’ take place for already 53rd time in Molde! Speidermessa is annual fundraising gathering of local Molde scouts. Come to to Rådhuset in Molde centrum on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th November and take a look.

Scouting is a movement that aims to support young people in their physical and mental growth, with a focus on the outdoors and survival skills. Scouting has a great tradition in Molde and its history dates back to 1910s. Current oldest Molde scout is 72 years old!

‘Speidermessa’ is a collaborative project between scouts, St. Georgs Gildene (‘old’ scouts) and their parents. The gathering is the main source of funding and the gaining of the fundraising is going to the scouting work in Molde and to maintain the House of Scouts in Fjellbruvegen and Speiderbo at Skaret.

Opening ceremony of the 53rd annual scouts gathering.

The gathering started on Thursday 2nd November with opening ceremony with music on the stage in Molde Townhall, flagging of the scouts in the troops and reading of the scouts’ vows. The gathering continues on Friday 3rd November with fashion show run by local fashion store, where winter women and men fashion is going to be shown.

Scouts singing and read their vows at opening ceremony at Molde Rådhuset.

All work of the scouts in Molde (and anywhere else in Norway) is based on volunteering, which is widespread in Norway. All kind of sports and cultural organisations are based on work of volunteers. Voluntary work is an old Norwegian tradition, which is still strongly respected in society.

You can contribute by buying traditional and Christmas products made by the members of the Molde scouts.

You can contribute in Molde Rådhuset by buying traditional knitting and Christmas products made by the members of Moldespeiderne and the cafeteria sells homemade cakes.

The Rådhuset is open for public on Friday from 11 till 14:00 and Saturday from 10:30 till 16:00.