Time to make food on a bonfire. Photo: Rabah Taif

iFri gave students a taste of winter bonfire idyll

Sunday afternoon, student organization iFri took a group of students on a short hike to the gapahuk in the hillside close to campus for a BBQ on a bonfire and games,


iFri, an outdoor student’s organization for all students at Molde university college, arranged the event as part of Vinteruka 2020 (The Winter Week).

Students gathering at campus before starting the hike to the lean-to. Photo: Rabah Taif

The hike took place yesterday at 15.00 pm. Organizers from iFri appeared first at campus waiting for all other participants to gather. It was like a little hiking in the beginning, going from campus through the terrain to the gapahuk (a lean-to) above campus.

«We organize this event so that people can get together and get to know each other, both Norwegians and internationals, and also see the beautiful nature, and experience how to make food outside. They can see how nice bonfire actually is, and just have good conversations,” said Kristina Haavik, a Norwegian second year master’s student at Molde University College and a leader of the iFri organization.

Bonfire’s participants on their way to the gapahuk. Photo: Rabah Taif

After a 20 minute hike, students arrived at the gapahuk, located in the hillside right above Molde campus. The students enjoyed the crackling bonfire, and soon Ifri organizers started serving pinnebrød (twist bread) and sausages that could be cooked over open flames, and hot chocolate to all participants. There was also played some nice and relaxing music.

Malo Le Goff from France, a second year master’s student at Molde University college. Photo: Rabah Taif

«It was my first time to see a bonfire like this, when i is really cold and chilly, with nice music, a lot of food and hot chocolate. I really enjoyed it,» said French student Malo Le Goff, a second year master’s student at Molde University College.

After food, the organizers informed the students that they have arranged for them a little nice game in the form of a Limbo dance contest, and all participants were excited to play and win the game. It was a hard and funny competition which ended when iFri leader Kristina Haavik was declared winner of the game.

Students during the Limbo dance contest. Photo: Rabah Taif

A few minutes later, the iFri organizers ended the bonfire event and all the students went back campus. It was really a great place to experience a first bonfire afternoon in dark and cold conditions during January in Molde.