French students Eva Strobel (left) and Léa Bost is ready to explore Molde and Norway together. Photo: Saravin Sadasaralingam.

Barbecue at the beach for international students was a success

KRINGSTADBUKTA (Panorama): Last Tuesday night, the opening week commitee at Molde University College arranged a kick-off event for the exchange students. We met six new students who said the barbecue at the beach was a success, and important for the chemistry in the group.


The international coordinator in the commitee, student Emma Katrine Berg (21), said there was an information meeting before they started the kick-off event with barbecue and activities at Kringstadbukta, the beach next to Molde campus.

Emma Katrine Berg (21) is the international coordinator for the opening week commitee. Photo: Saravin Sadasaralingam.

–  We have over 50 new students who are from abroad. We think that’s very good and therefore we arranged an own day for them, where it was information first, then barbecue and activities, said Emma.

Daniele Dali Olio (23) is ready to explore Molde. Photo: Saravin Sadasaralingam.

Daniele from Bergamo

Daniele Dali Olio (23) from Bergamo in Italy is an Erasmus student who is in Molde for one semester studying logistics. He said he is very happy for the opportunity, and thinks it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

– I’m very happy for the opportunity, and I love to see the landscape and the nature here. I’m excited to explore the mountains and the fjords, said Daniele.

Lucas Grimm (22) is exited to find out how life in Molde is. Photo: Saravin Sadasaralingam.

Lucas from Würzburg

Lucas Grimm (22) from Würzburg in Germany is a bachelor student in logistics and an Erasmus student. He said he chose to study in Molde because the university is specialized in logistics.

– I hope to get a good time here, and to travel many times to explore the nature, mountains and the fjords. I also want to explore the sports in this area, said Lucas.

Louis Misplon (21) wants to participate in many activities in Molde. Photo: Saravin Sadasaralingam.

Louis from Gent

Louis Misplon (21) from Gent in Belgium is an Erasmus student who is here for one semester at the master’s programme in Sport Management. He said he like new adventures and running, and he thinks Molde is a perfect place for his interests.

– I want to explore the nature here in Molde, and want to participate in many adventures and activities, because I want that experience. Lastly, I want to have a good time here in Molde with my friends, said Louis.

Léa Bost (20) is ready to practice her English skills in Molde. Photo: Saravin Sadasaralingam.

Léa from Lyon

Léa Bost (20) from Lyon in France is here in Molde for one year. She is an Erasmus student who is going to study both Sport Management and logistics. She said she chose Molde to improve her English language skills, and because it’s a nice city.

– I like to dance, run, hiking, climbing and skiing, so I think Molde is the perfect city for me. I want to participate in these sports and to learn to speak English better, said Léa.

Eva Strobel (21) is expecting to do fun things in Molde. Photo: Saravin Sadasaralingam.

Eva from Lyon

Eva Strobel (21), who also is from Lyon in France, is in Molde for one year. She is going to study Sport Management and wants to improve her English language skills.

– I like to participate in many sports like tennis, skiing, running and hiking, so therefore I chose Molde to explore different sports here in Molde. I also want to travel a lot and explore Norway, said Eva.

Andreas Ramharter (30) wants to see many beautiful mountains and fjords in Molde. Photo: Saravin Sadasaralingam.

Andreas from Perchtoldsdorf

Andreas Ramharter (30) from Perchtoldsdorf in Austria is here in Molde for one semester to study logistics. He said this is a once in a life time opportunity, and someone he knows recommended Molde and the bachelor programme in logistics in Molde.

– I chose Molde because the landscape here is very nice, and I want to experience many things here, said Andreas.