Stikkordarkiv: Master students

A more international approach in Moscow

Moscow is a very exciting city where you will have no problem finding something to do in your spare time. By ANDREAS MØLL KLEIVEN, ODIN KVALVÅG DAHLEN, HANS MARTIN BJØRNESET, PETTER SANNES and PATRICK WRECZYCKI Moscow 15.01.2016-19.04.2016: As a Norwegian coming to Moscow, you face some slight language problems if you do not speak the … Fortsett å lese A more international approach in Moscow

Truly breaking the ice

Continuing the success from last year, the social get-together event for the first year logistics master students was organised again this year. By NANCY LE and EDEN GAO (photo) The main purpose for the event is to help students get to know their classmates and encourage better interaction between Norwegian and foreign students. The night … Fortsett å lese Truly breaking the ice