Ole Martin Bjørnvik Mundal is the leader of the student organization at Molde Campus - iSTudent. Photo: Pavla Ujmiakova

Former wrestler enjoys being busy

iStudent leader and former wrestler Ole Martin Bjørnvik Mundal (21)  lives for every day and likes his schedule to be as busy as possible.


Ole Martin, borned and raised in Kristiansund, joined the wresling community at the age of 8. His parents didn‘t push him. He followed a friend who had  joined the wrestling club two weeks earlier. But Ole Martin got strong support from his parents at every match.

– Everybody is like brother and sister, it’s really tight community, Ole Martin said.

Attendance at sport focused high school that allowed him to do the sport he loves, helped him climb to the top of Norwegian competition. In 2010 everything that Ole Martin lived for changed. During a tight match with one of the toughest competitors, Ole Martin injured his shoulder.

– It popped out, Ole Martin said, explaining that he continued to fight after a one minute break.

Again his opponent went for the shoulder.

– My injury really brought me down. I couldn‘t go to parties. I couldn‘t go out with my friends. I couldn‘t wrestle, which was my life for the past six or seven years, Ole Martin said.

Even though Ole Martin had to stop practicing his favourite sport, he now realizes that wrestling made him a tougher and stronger person.

– If I have a goal, I can reach it. When you want something, you have to work hard for it. It‘s like that with everything in life, Ole Martin said.

After high school Ole Martin put himself through year of army training before he started studying in Molde, where he has his family. He is doing his second year of bachelor studies in business administration, but everyone knows him as the leader and face of iStudent.

– I am the face of iStudent if I want to or not, Ole Martin said, explaining that it is not a problem for him, He has never been shy.

Ole Martin joined iStudent so he could meet different people, not only from school, but also from the town and various organizations that iStudent cooperates with. Students know him and see him as a contact person.

– I want them to know they can talk to me. I‘m not judging, Ole Martin said.

During his free time he loves to go hiking, watch a movie or just hang out with his friends. He works out in a gym and wrestle with his mates, just for fun. Also, as almost every student, Ole Martin is attending many parties, but drinking strong liqour is not always part of it.

– I can‘t be on top while drinking. I have a busy schedule, Ole Martin explained.

Ole Martin also works as security supervisor in both Molde and his home town Kristiansund.

– I just drive to Kristiansund for the weekend and work. I get a free food, Ole Martin chuckled.

Ole Martin has a girlfriend and tries to spend as much time as possible with her. He said his future is far from planned in detail. He is living for every day and never knows what will happen next.

– Maybe I’ll get some great idea tomorrow, that will just pop out, Ole Martin smiled.