Luiza Oancea in the improvised bedroom. Photo: Krystof Diatka

HiMolde as a hostel for the first time

Today and this weekend a gathering of the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) takes place at Molde University College. 

ESN is an international organisation representing Erasmus exchange students,  with seven branches around Norway. The Molde branch hosts this years National Platform Norway with  national board election enhanced by a set of plenary meetings and workshops.

The improvised bedroom at the ground floor of Molde University College building A. Photo: Krystof Diatka

For the lack of cheap housing  options in Molde, the 25 visiting ESN members  were accommodated in one of the unused rooms at Molde University College. It is the first time this ever happened at campus.

«The school is very cooperative and generous,» said Luiza Oancea, the section president of ESN Molde, of the fact that this opportunity is free of charge.

«This meeting is very important for us,  because we get to talk about our regional practices and experiences with the national board and other branches.  It opens ways for new cooperation and improvement,» said Oancea.

As with any other event of this magnitude and style, National Platform Norway wants its attendants to socialize.  Therefore a number of organized dinners and parties is laid out. On those events is a so-called Responsible Party, which is an international project of ESN. Besides provision of free drinking-water and help to overly abbreviated individuals at ESN events, this consists of a free Android app which allows its users to plan social events or calculate alcohol intake based on individuals features and number of drinks consumed.

Besides plenary meetings and election,  ESN Molde organizes two workshops aiming more for an individual improvement of ESN members. One of them, called «Become the person you want to be», is going to be led by Michal Sikora from the ESN

Czech Republic. His way to this years National Platform Norway and a possibility to perform his workshop there, was enabled by another ESN initiative called Eduk8. Eduk8 aims to improve the performance of ESN members around Europe.

Michal Sikora will lead the «Become the person you want to be»-workshop. Photo: Krystof Diatka

«Become the person you want to be» handles the challenges of self-development through so-called success management. The workshop consists of a 15-minute lecture and the 90-minute workshop itself.

«During the workshop we are going to try different physical exercises which reveal how the body influences the mind and vice-versa. Exploring this enables participants to start the engine which drives them to success,» said Sikora.

The program is going to be concluded on Sunday by a national board election. The national board will represent ESN Norway on an international level.