From left: Ana Peydro Ruiz (20), Anna Kucherenko (33), Elmira Tukaeva (34), Yoo Nongyeong (21) and Jahyun Park (21). Photo: Andreas Hustad

First night at Kompagniet for international students

After having arrived in Norway during last weekend, the international students had a meet and greet at Kompagniet Tuesday evening.

Last night, Åpningsuka had a meet and greet for the international students at Kompagniet. When Panorama were with them, about 30 students had arrived. They were expecting about 100 foreign and Norwegian students at Kompagniet this evening.

Panorama met some students that sat just inside the door at Kompagniet. These were Ana Peydro Ruiz (20) from Spain studying nursing, Anna Kucherenko (33) from Ukraine studying Masters in Logistics, Elmira Tukaeva (34) from Kyrgyzstan studying Masters in Logistics, Yoo Nongyeong (21) from South Korea studying Logistics and Jahyun Park (21) from South Korea studying Buisness Administration.

Having arrived to Norway during last weekend, they have had a few days to take Norway in.

– What is your first impression of Norway?

– We are having a good time here! So far everyone seems so nice. There are so many good people around here. We are really looking forward to being here in Molde!

It was a good atmosphere inside Kompagniet. Photo: Andreas Hustad
International students having a good time. Photo: Andreas Hustad
Some norwegian students met up as well. Photo: Andreas Hustad
Some norwegian students met up as well. Photo: Andreas Hustad
Åpningsuka-chief Andreas Selseth are happy with the first night in Åpningsuka. Photo: Andreas Hustad
The weather allowed for an outdoor beer at the terrace. Photo: Andreas Hustad
The students are having a good time at Kompagniet. Photo: Andreas Hustad