Kringstadbukta - Moldes beste badestrand - ligger i gangavstand fra Molde Campus og er et populært turområde både for studenter og andre. Foto: Arild J. Waagbø

Beach party is first consolation after festival cancellation

A beach party at Kringstadbukta – starting 2 pm today – is the first event replacing the cancelled Skyhøyt festival on the Opening Week program for new students.

Furthermore, Danish star DJ/producer Rasmus Hedegaard, is catching a flight to Molde to perform for students at Kompagniet tonight!

Yesterday, the Skyhøyt festival was cancelled. The organizers didn’t manage to sell enough tickets in advance, and the booking agencies and artists were not willing to live with the economical risk involved in playing for the door.

– It is very sad, and a disappointment for Skyhøyt, students, artists and others, but there is nothing we can do about it. Now we have to offer other good events. The Opening Week will finish in style, says Rolf Magnus Orø of SiMolde.

Kringstadbukta is the campus beach in Molde.

The first thing to happen, is the beach party at Kringstadbukta. Kringstadbukta is the campus beach in Molde. The SiMolde canteen vil serve foods as chicken, pork chops, salads and fries. There will be music and activities, the sun is shining and the conditions are perfect for taking a swim to the raft.

Students are advice to bringe their own drinks!

At 12:30 today, Opening Week board leader Andreas Selseth informed Panorama that Danish star DJ/producer Hedegaard is performing for the students at Kompagniet night club tonight.

Both tonight and tomorrow night, the DJ act Stisema & Sax, is performing as planned at the same venue..

– We are working hard to find replacement artists. The venue will be Kompagniet, and we will inform the students as soon as the new acts are confirmed, says Rolf Magnus Orø.

Head of information at HiMolde, Jens Petter Straumsheim (left), Opening Week board leader, student Andreas Selseth, and SiMolde’s Rolf Magnus Orø are working on Plan B after the unfortunate cancellation of the Skyhøyt festival. Photo: Arild J. Waaagbø
Thursday night, the sad sight of roadies rigging down the stage of a festival that did not happen. Photo: Arild J. Waagbø