Students gathered on the top of Varden. Photo: Javid Baghirov

New students enjoyed the spectacular Varden view

Thursday 24th of August, a group of newly arrived students walked to the top of Varden. For most of them that was their first hiking in Norway.

Most of tourists who come to Molde visit the observation deck at Varden – 407 meters above sea level, with astonishing view to the city and fjord. For the locals, a walk to Varden in any weather is normal. You understand this when you struggle upwards and someone is running in front of you as on a flat surface. There are various ways to the top, and the most comfortable one was chosen. On the way up to the Varden, students enjoyed nature and amazing landscape, but the most beautiful view was waiting for them on the top.

The starting for the hike was located right next to the Romsdal museum. Photo: Javid Baghirov
The starting for the hike was located right next to the Romsdal museum. Photo: Javid Baghirov
Students on their way to Varden viewpoint in Molde. Photo: Javid Baghirov
 The hike took approximately an hour. Even if the group chose the easiest path, most of students struggled on their way. Therefore, our guide, SiMolde student advisor Eva-Merete Otterlei Børstad, made several stops and used the breaks to share some interesting facts. At the first stop, students made a circle and briefly told about themselves and got to know each other better. Students from different countries, like Norway, Belarus, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, France, Italy, Algeria, Ukraine, Russia, Austria and Azerbaijan, were participating. At on of these stops, Eva showed the students how to use training equipment located along the path.
Having a break on the path towards Varden. Photo: Javid Baghirov
Part of the spectacular and famous Molde panorama, seen from Varden. Photo: Javid Baghirov
Germans students on the top of Varden view point in Molde. Photo: Javid Baghirov
Finally, when they reached the top of Varden, all of the students were amazed by the spectacular and famous Molde-panorama. You can see 222 mountain peaks on the South side of the fjords, and how big this system of fjords is, and how far into the inland it is reaching from the Atlantic ocean, which also can be seen from Varden. , to the right and back side view to the Atlantic.
«That was tough hiking, but it was worth it», says Elmira Tukaeva from Kyrgyzstan.