Stikkordarkiv: Daphne Feenstra

Feeling free in Moldemarka

Thursday, HiMolde students hiked to the top of Moldeheia aka Tusenårsvarden (elevation: 530 meters). The top is a favourite destination among locals of all ages.  By ANDREAS HUSTAD and NANCY LE (photo) What is your first impression on Norway? «It is nice! We really like it here. Compared to the Netherlands, there is so much … Fortsett å lese Feeling free in Moldemarka

International party a great success

After seeing the turn up at Tuesday’s party for HiMolde’s international students, Marthe Owesen, head of the Åpningsuka commitee, calls party a great success. It’s Tuesday night and the centre of Molde is quiet. While strolling across the bus station, the only other people are those transferring between buses, determinately headed somewhere. Getting closer to Kompagniet, … Fortsett å lese International party a great success