Many students at HiMolde joined in International Day 2015. Photo: Eden Gao

Warm, open and amazing International Day

«Have you tried our food? Have you visited our stand?»

By NANCY LE, EDEN GAO (photo) and KRYSTOF DIATKA (photo)

Russian food. Photo: Eden Gao

These questions could easily be heard Wednesday when International Day 2015 was celebrated on Molde campus.

Ladislav Kollmann – the exchange student from Slovakia is introducing his country to other students. Photo: Eden Gao
Italian food. Photo: Eden Gao

For students at HiMolde, International Day is an interesting and valuable day where they can tell other students and staff about their home country and home university (if they are exchange students). This year 15 countries, including Norway, set up their stands. Coming to the event, participants could see different traditional costumes and national flags from European, African and Asian countries. They could also taste typical and delicious food from these countries.

Students from Ethiopia. Photo: Eden Gao.
Students from Ethiopia. Photo: Eden Gao.

Anna Caterina Salatto from Italy expressed that she liked the Korean food the most. Meanwhile, Czechs exchange students said they were impressed with Ethiopian food. Different opinions, different favourites.

Students from South Korea. Photo: Krystof Diatka

What participants get from International Day is a better understanding of their friends’ culture. The event added one more unforgettable memory from their student lives in Molde.

Commenting about the event, Ms. Ragnhild Brakstad – The Adviser/International Coordinator at HiMolde and Kristanna Anderson from ESN Molde, shared the same opinion that International Day 2015 was successful and much better than last year’s event. It attracted more Norwegian students and the national representatives were very well prepared.

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At the time of writing this, there is a voting competition between the Czech, Ethiopian, Italian and Russian students on Facebook for who was the best team on the International Day this year.

The excitement of students from Belgium, the Czech Republic and Egypt in the event. Photo: Krystof Diatka