Tusten selfie. Photo: Lukáš Kapoun

Vinteruka moves to Molde

Traditional ‘Vinteruka’ will take place next weekend in Molde. 

“This year we decided to have Vinteruka here in Molde. Last three years we used to go to Oppdal, but we decided to organize Vinteruka here as it used to be before,” says the leader of iStudent, Vegard Øye and further explains: “We had some complains from previous years, from both students and people in Oppdal, therefore we decided to keep this year’s Vinteruka here in Molde. It will be more accessible to everyone and we hope more people will take part. The date was set just today.  It all depended on our agreement with Tusten.”

This year’s Vinteruka will last three days and consist of all kind of winter sports.

“We will offer all students one day of downhill skiing at Tusten for free. Also for those, who don’t have the equipment, it will be possible to borrow it for free. Transport from university will be organized as well. There will be Afterski at Smuget afterwards,” says Vegard.

Last year’s Vinteruka took place in Oppdal. This year students will stay in Molde. Foto: Andreas Hustad

Vinteruka will start on Friday 16th February with free skiing at Tusten from 12 till 16 pm. The original plan was to kick off Vinteruka with a snow game called Yukigassen. It is a snow fight with set rules. However, the snow conditions are not sufficient at the moment.

“During the weekend there will be alpine skiing and cross country skiing trip. On Saturday we will make a trip on XC skies and have bbq at Skaret, and on Sunday  we will go to a top of local mountain on alpine skies,» says Vegard.

Even though this year’s Vinteruka probably won’t be so magnificent as in previous years, it’s easy accessibility and low prize will for sure attract more students. Furthermore, for next year, iStudent is trying to make an agreement with NTNU in Ålesund to join them on their winter week called Ski & Magi.

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