Stikkordarkiv: Tusten

What happened to Vinteruka?

Every year, the tradition is to enjoy wintertime by skiing and having fun in the mountains. This year’s edition of Vinteruka turned out a bit differently. The iStudent and Vineruka boards remained silent and kept students strained till the very last minute. Just a week before the event was supposed to take place, it was … Fortsett å lese What happened to Vinteruka?

Student instructors give alpine skiing classes for children

With the help of a few HiMolde students, the local ski-school at Tusten offers ski lessons for young children starting from this week. They kicked off with a successful trial run last weekend, where the local kids were introduced to the program. By ADÁM FRANCZIA and ANDREAS HUSTAD (photo) On Saturday morning, the 21st of … Fortsett å lese Student instructors give alpine skiing classes for children

Waiting in line for winter

BJORLI (Panorama): Winter is right around the corner, or is it already there? By BENJAMIN MOEYERSONS (text & photo) As you might have already noticed, the weather has been changing lately. The clock set to winter hour, after sleeping one hour longer waking up with frozen grass and/or feet, rain turning into snow from time … Fortsett å lese Waiting in line for winter