Stikkordarkiv: Tusten

What happened to Vinteruka?

Every year, the tradition is to enjoy wintertime by skiing and having fun in the mountains. This year’s edition of Vinteruka turned out a bit differently. The iStudent and Vineruka boards remained silent and kept students strained till the very last minute. Just a week before the event was supposed to take place, it was … Fortsett å lese What happened to Vinteruka?

Vinteruka moves to Molde

Traditional ‘Vinteruka’ will take place next weekend in Molde.  “This year we decided to have Vinteruka here in Molde. Last three years we used to go to Oppdal, but we decided to organize Vinteruka here as it used to be before,” says the leader of iStudent, Vegard Øye and further explains: “We had some complains … Fortsett å lese Vinteruka moves to Molde

Student instructors give alpine skiing classes for children

With the help of a few HiMolde students, the local ski-school at Tusten offers ski lessons for young children starting from this week. They kicked off with a successful trial run last weekend, where the local kids were introduced to the program. By ADÁM FRANCZIA and ANDREAS HUSTAD (photo) On Saturday morning, the 21st of … Fortsett å lese Student instructors give alpine skiing classes for children

Waiting in line for winter

BJORLI (Panorama): Winter is right around the corner, or is it already there? By BENJAMIN MOEYERSONS (text & photo) As you might have already noticed, the weather has been changing lately. The clock set to winter hour, after sleeping one hour longer waking up with frozen grass and/or feet, rain turning into snow from time … Fortsett å lese Waiting in line for winter

Free weekend? Go to Tusten

Norwegian people are believed to be born with skis on their feet. No matter how questionable this statement is, it is correct that Norway offers a lot of opportunities to perform this sport. Especially the area of Møre og Romsdal, which is by some skiers believed to be the best area for skiing all around … Fortsett å lese Free weekend? Go to Tusten