Most international students at HiMolde is choosing to stay in Norway during the outbreak of corona virus. Here, the international students are seen celebrating The International Day last autumn. Photo: Arild J. Waagbø

Go home or stay? This is how the international students are feeling

International students at Molde University College speaks out about how they are dealing with the corona virus threat. 


The questions we asked: 1) How do you feel about being away from home in such times? 2) What are you doing to stay safe? 3) What are your plans since the virus keeps spreading?

The questions were asked via Facebook messenger and the responses are documented as received.

Susy Gopar. Photo: Private

Susy Gopar: 1) It’s a complicated situation. I actually feel safer here than to travel back home. However, I worry about my family’s health and being far away from them makes me feel helpless. 2) Right now I just stay at home and go out for what it’s actually necessary, and of course all the sanitary measures that we all know. 3) My plans are not still very clear, but I think I will stay in Norway since I feel more susceptible to the virus while traveling.

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Lucky Joshi Sapkota. Photo: Private

Lucky Joshi Sapkota: I feel helpless and miss my family more during these crucial times. Well, I focus more on hygiene though, and try to avoid going out from home. I just want this virus to stop spreading, I do not have any ideas if it keeps on spreading, but will try to avoid meeting with people personally and be at home as much as possible.

Lanthanh Pham. Photo: Private

Lanthanh Pham: I feel safe in Molde because the population density here is low. I also don’t have any close gatherings with others, so I don’t worry about be infected. As you know the oral thesis defense is cancelled, and I totally can contact my supervisor online, so there is no point for me to keep staying in Molde. My country also has virus spreading, so it does not mean that I am safe when I go back home. The most important reason that I want to come back to my home country is to save living expenses. I just know that I should clean hands more often, and limit going out. Here, no one wear facemasks, and I don’t think they have facemasks in the pharmacies.

Riffat Dinam Trisha. Photo: Private

Riffat Dinam Trisha: 1) I’m feeling very bored, helpless and hopeless in this situation, missing my family of course. Nothing is going alright at all. In fact, feeling sick sometimes and scared of corona virus. 2) I am just staying home to be safe and trying to wash my hands. Sometimes using sanitizer which I brought from Bangladesh. Here I couldn’t find any mask and hand sanitizer. Trying to keep my home cleaner. 3) I don’t know what I will do. I cannot go back to Bangladesh now as Bangladesh has closed the airport. In fact, if I go there, it will be more critical. I can just pray for this situation.

Rabah Taif. Photo: Private

Rabah Taif: Of course, I’m scared of this virus, but I have stay positive and think wisely to avoid being infected, because as you see the situation now is bad in Norway. I’m not planning anything yet, just staying indoors and protecting myself.

Simai Abdallah. Photo: Private

Simai Abdalla: 1) Since I’ve been here in Norway even before COVID-19, I have missed my family. But even if I will go there, I have to isolate myself for two weeks. So, I do not feel much bad to be here alone for this situation. 2) Mostly, I do stay alone, and  I reduce movements to visit friends and going to city centre. Also, when I go out, I make sure I have my anti-infection liquid in my pocket. 3) Just to stay inside, I have no plan to go home, because the disease is spread worldwide. Even if I will decide to go back home, it is dangerous too, because – as you know – our countries in Africa, we do not have well organized measures to protect infection and it´s difficult to isolate people out there.

Kanyz Raza. Photo: Private

Kanyz Raza: 1) Well, I think if I was in Pakistan I had to be as careful as now. So, it doesn’t matter if I am here or in my home country. 2) Trying not to go out as much as possible. If I am outside, I sanitize my hands before eating. 3) Try to stay where I am and avoid going out as much as possible.

Prince Ayagah. Photo: Private

Prince Ayagah: 1) Well I feel bored and a little worried. 2) I am staying indoors as much as I can. I also avoid touching things when I go out and wash my hands often. In addition to that, I try to exercise a lot and eat very well. 3) Well, it’s really difficult to answer, because I would very much like to finish my program. I don’t have solid plans for now, but I hope it’s doesn’t get worse.

Jackson Amankwah Adjei: I feel lonely. I have been eating healthy, washing my hands frequently and currently no plans.