Stikkordarkiv: Camden Town

Showdown at the Latin Carnival

A couple of students and revellers met for a joyous moment at Molde Swing- og Rockeklubb on Saturday evening for the Latin Carnival event. By MONICA AKECH SYSTAD and ISABELLE CHANG TAN (photo The event was organized by a few dance club officials and attracted a good number of students from South America and Spain … Fortsett å lese Showdown at the Latin Carnival

“Will this game ever end?!”

A viewing party for the final match in the African Cup of Nations occurred in the canteen on Molde Campus Sunday night. In addition to the football match, many activities were planned, such as musical chairs, a quiz, and a scavenger hunt; however, excitement came from some surprising sources as well. By MATTHEW LUNN and … Fortsett å lese “Will this game ever end?!”