The bittersweet of teamwork

As the fall semester draws to an end, students are busy completing teamwork assignments while gaining experiences that come with mixed reaction.  By MONICA AKECH SYSTAD and THOMAS SKAUVIK (photo) Teamwork is essential in bringing together diverse people who incorporate various ideas, backgrounds and personality however, this diversity which can be in form of age, … Fortsett å lese The bittersweet of teamwork

Nature, Northern Light and Babybel cheese

Jenka Mergaert and Lucie Ballet,  both Erasmus students at HiMolde (Molde University College),  have spent a couple of months in Norway. They love it. By KRYSTOF DIATKA and PAVLA UJMIAKOVA (photo) Jenka comes from Kortemark in West-Flanders in Belgium and her home university is in Gent in East-Flanders where she takes a master in sport … Fortsett å lese Nature, Northern Light and Babybel cheese