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Speed friending – edition #1 at HiMolde

More than 30 HiMolde students gathered in the campus canteen Thursday evening had only 7 minutes to befriend each other By UMID MIRZAEV & RABAH TAIF (photo) Dim light and delicious snacks on the table created a laid-back atmosphere for students who sat across from each other from the very beginning. At the host’s command, … Fortsett å lese Speed friending – edition #1 at HiMolde

Vesentlig bok om uberørbarhet

Det er kanskje riktig at indere er like besatt av renhet og urenhet som europeere av rasjonalitet. Dag Erik Bergs nye bok om dalitenes rettighetskamp viser iallfall at grensene mellom renhet og urenhet ikke lar seg viske ut gjennom lovgivning. Av THOMAS HYLLAND ERIKSEN Ikke mange nordiske statsvitere har spesialisert seg på indiske forhold, og … Fortsett å lese Vesentlig bok om uberørbarhet

iFri gave students a taste of winter bonfire idyll

Sunday afternoon, student organization iFri took a group of students on a short hike to the gapahuk in the hillside close to campus for a BBQ on a bonfire and games, By RABAH TAIF iFri, an outdoor student’s organization for all students at Molde university college, arranged the event as part of Vinteruka 2020 (The … Fortsett å lese iFri gave students a taste of winter bonfire idyll

Vinteruka 2020 started with Silent Disco in Smuget student bar

Saturday night, more than 100 students gathered at the first party of the year to celebrate the opening of Vinteruka 2020 By UMID MIRZAEV This year’s Vinteruka (The Winter Week) will last from 20 to 26 January, offering many events for participants. Before going to the main activity to Strandafjellet, the students will have the … Fortsett å lese Vinteruka 2020 started with Silent Disco in Smuget student bar

Learning the true spirit of Christmas

PLASSEN (Panorama): Yesterday, learners of Norwegian language gathered for the last time in 2019 at the language café to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Norwegian Christmas. By UMID MIRZAEV (text & photo) Christmas is a celebration shared all over the world, in countries with a wide variety of cultures, history, and climate. How do … Fortsett å lese Learning the true spirit of Christmas

Time to say goodbye

After completing the fall semester at Høgskolen in Molde, it was time to say goodbye to Erasmus exchange students coming from countries as Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands. By RABAH TAIF Friday night, a goodbye party for the exchange students took place at Molde campus. This December the party was organized by Jane Mumens … Fortsett å lese Time to say goodbye

Gratisbutikken for everyone

The culture of giving is quite popular in Norway. Especially in a small town like Molde, individuals and organizations give away new or old items they no longer need to those who can make use of them. By SUMAN DURA (text & photo) A great example of this is the upcoming “Gratisbutikken”. “Gratis” means “free”, and … Fortsett å lese Gratisbutikken for everyone

Suit up! The 2019 Christmas Student Banquet

As part of the tradition, students from Høgskolen i Molde gathered laughs and booze while dressed all up in elegant outfits. By ELMIS SIERRA (text & photo) The Christmas Banquet started at 19 hours last Friday, and while the attendance were taking their places at the tables, the canteen staff worked at full pace to … Fortsett å lese Suit up! The 2019 Christmas Student Banquet

MSI fought back with only 10 players – can qualify for promotion Wednesday

REKNESBANEN (Panorama): With 1-3 at half-time and only 10 players left, MSI impressivley fought back against Isfjorden/Åndalsnes 2 in the second half and tied 3-3 in yesterday’s match. By RABAH TAIF and UMID MIRZAEV (photo) A hot tie match of 3-3 was taking place in Reknesbanen yesterday afternoon between the host team MSI (The Molde students … Fortsett å lese MSI fought back with only 10 players – can qualify for promotion Wednesday

Exploring Trollkyrkja

FRÆNA (Panorama):Yesterday, around 40 international and Norwegian students went on a hiking trip to Trollkyrkja organised by the iFri student group and Eva-Merete Otterlei Børstad, the student advisor at HiMolde. By UMID MIRZAEV (text & photo) Trollkyrkja (Trolls’ Church) is a complex of three limestone caves that are connected to each other, with several entrances … Fortsett å lese Exploring Trollkyrkja