Stikkordarkiv: Dance

Dancing the night away in Molde

Even if some long living Molde night club venues have transformed into fitness clubs, there are still DJs pleasing the dance and electronica crowd. Saturday, both Vaksendisko og Electronic Family club concepts is aiming to fill the dance floors. Electronic Family will be hosting Venners venners fest 3.0 at Reknes Ungdomshus, and parallel to the … Fortsett å lese Dancing the night away in Molde

The last dance

Good vibrations at the ESN Godbye Evening party. Artur Kamalitdinov’s video of December’s Goodbye Evening in student club Smuget on Molde campus features an interview with ESN Molde president, student band 50%, DJ Daniel Schempp, students honouring SiMolde’s Rolf Magnus Orø for his work, and students having a good time on the dance floor. READ … Fortsett å lese The last dance

The Magic Island

When the summer is ending, we had the privilege to visit and know Hjertøyafestivalen. Or should we call it The Magic Island? By EDUARDO DRAPIER The event is a dream come true for all those responsible for this project. It was almost like a private party for friends and those who really love electronic music. … Fortsett å lese The Magic Island