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15 credits in 10 days

Last week, the students of the event management masters program at HiMolde finished their 10 day international module in Germany. The purpose of this module was to offer the future event managers a taste of what the practical field looks like. Not in a form of an internship, but in the form of lectures and … Fortsett å lese 15 credits in 10 days

«Anyone care for some pesto?»

Last Tuesday, a traditional pig autopsy lecture was held on  Molde campus. This lecture is designated for a first year students of the nursing degree. Every year it looks the same. A number of pork entrails is laid out on the table for students to dissect further and study.  Hans Inderhaug, one of the teachers leading … Fortsett å lese «Anyone care for some pesto?»

More (male) nurses needed!

Christmas parties, so-called Julebords, are a strong part of the Norwegian Christmas tradition. This time of a year you can often meet formally dressed Norwegians heading to various places to eat pinnekjøtt, svineribbe, medisterpølse, surkål, and to drink akvavit or any other alcohol within reach. The students at the nursing department of Himolde are no … Fortsett å lese More (male) nurses needed!

Trond Blindheim: How to succeed in the job market

Last week,  the Econa student organization held a lecture by Trond Blindheim on building personal values in the job market and the right usage of social media for that task. Trond Blindheim is acknowledged both in the advertising industry and in the academic field. He is a sociologist educated at University of Oslo that now teaches … Fortsett å lese Trond Blindheim: How to succeed in the job market

iSmuget kicked it off with Oktoberfest

By NANCY LE  and KRYSTOF DIATKA (photo) After the close down of Valhall last year, HiMolde students anticipated the coming of the new student bar iSmuget, and it showed itself at it’s best during the  Friday night Oktoberfest celebration. The event was organised to mark the official opening of iSmuget. Around 70 students came to party. Two … Fortsett å lese iSmuget kicked it off with Oktoberfest

Campus chef conquered Arnold Classic Europe

Campus chef Asgeir Hoel – in Panorama known as Norway’s strongest chef – can be proud of another achievement. He holds a champion title from equipped powerlifting at Arnold Classic Europe 2015 two weeks ago in Madrid. Power lifting which consists of three attempts at maximal weight in bench press, dead lift and squat. These weights … Fortsett å lese Campus chef conquered Arnold Classic Europe

World premiere of Scintilla in Molde

Tuesday night Czech composer and pianist Beata Hlavenková for the very first time performed her Scintilla suite in front of an audience. The venue for the world premiere was Teatret Vårt in Molde. She performed Scintilla – composed by herself – together with Norwegian pianist Anders Aarum . The concert was part of the national Humanist Week and … Fortsett å lese World premiere of Scintilla in Molde

Cowboy and cowgirls on what ESN means for them

Being an international exchange student is a complicated task. Luckily there are student organisations which help those students with problems they encounter. One of them is ESN – the Erasmus Student Network. This weekend ESN held a National Platform meeting which served as a presentation and feedback get together for all seven branches in Norway. For … Fortsett å lese Cowboy and cowgirls on what ESN means for them