Stikkordarkiv: Moldejazz

Artists need to be kept happy

Artists coming to any sort of event need to feel welcomed and enjoy their time. That actually requires a lot of work for the organizers since stars and mannerisms go well together. Luckily Moldejazz wields a team of dedicated people and other features to accommodate artists needs. Elise L. Johanson has been involved with the … Fortsett å lese Artists need to be kept happy

Ideal pop and unbecoming resentment

This time sunny, the Romsdal Museum welcomed another day of Moldejazz. The highlight of this day’s line up was Veronica Maggio and D’Angelo and The Vanguard. The blonde Swedish superstar came on stage Friday evening with the message of cheerful pop music and proved how large of significance she consumes in Scandinavia by forming a crowd as large … Fortsett å lese Ideal pop and unbecoming resentment

The dancing girl with the white umbrella

Every day at Moldejazz the day kicks off with a parade, which has become a traditional and inseparable part of the festival. The crowd lines up both sides of the street every time the parade passes. It is formed by the marching band Jazzlogen and the dancers of Molde kulturskole, and every day it predicts … Fortsett å lese The dancing girl with the white umbrella

Robert Plant rocked it out during the encore

Walking towards the Romsdal Museum through Den Grønne Korridor park hearing the psychedelia of Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters was something magical. The Romsdal Museum is a skansen preserving traditional Norwegian architecture and culture. Wooden houses with grass roofing do not associate with the sound of an electric guitar and rock howling of a superstar Robert … Fortsett å lese Robert Plant rocked it out during the encore

Human voices made the church go wild

As opposed to the Dee Dee Bridgewater and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra  Terrance Kelly, the artistic director of Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, urged audience not to dance out of their clothes. Even though fully clothed, the whole church danced, sang and got wild.  I am an atheist and I have never believed in anything … Fortsett å lese Human voices made the church go wild

Rigging the Jazz

A jazz festival needs artists, artists need stages and stages need to be built. Lets look at the people without who none of this would be possible. Even though most of the Moldejazz venues are standing or are even being dismantled at the moment, the work at the biggest stage in the Romsdal Museum is … Fortsett å lese Rigging the Jazz

A Piece of New Orleans at Moldejazz

“During this song people in Norway tend to take their clothes off,” said Irvin Mayfield, the conductor and a trumpeter of New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, when he introduced a Mardi Gras celebration song. Fortunately no one in the audience really took their clothes off. Instead they got an uplifting and cheerful jazz show. As the … Fortsett å lese A Piece of New Orleans at Moldejazz

Vil gjenopplive funksjonærkroa

Jazzsjef Anders Eriksson har en gladnyhet til de frivillige funksjonærene. Han vil gjenopplive funksjonærkroa. Eriksson tar en kopp kaffe på Alexandra-verandaen  etter pressebriefen torsdag formiddag. Han er godt fornøyd med kvelden før, da telleverket stanset på 4823 publikummere på Romsdalsmuseet. I kveld er det Ylvis (kl. 16.30) og Sivert Høyem (kl. 18.45) som skal møte folket … Fortsett å lese Vil gjenopplive funksjonærkroa